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Art History of Baryn Futa

August 18, 2020

Few would tend to disagree that art serves a role as a key element of every human society and should be supported. That is what drives Baryn Futa‘s work, as both an art aficionado and a benefactor, as a strong supporter of the fine arts. He is distressed that brilliant artists are not appreciated enough to thrive, so he spends as much time and effort as possible to rectify that.

Baryn Futa didn’t always feel so strongly about art. It wasn’t until he retired and began working with the Denver Art Museum that he began to properly appreciate the beauty and passion for the arts he now feels. No one was more surprised than he was to be drawn so deeply into the art world. He attended numerous art fairs and museum exhibitions, of course, but he also attended numerous art classes. But he went farther, starting his very own art collection, which has grown into a very extensive and impressive collection. In fact, it is so large that he loans pieces from his collection to museums because he wants more people to appreciate the arts the way he does.